Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get ready to work

To fully experience this blog post, participation in required from the reader....... Go back,,in you imagination ,go back in time to 1973, don your bell bottoms, hum The Piano Man. Just for a second, be Billy Joel. click this then hit the back button to return to this blog.

Okay,,,here is my version.

Sing with me now

It's 4 o clock on a Thursday morn,
The regular crowd is asleep,
There's an old man snoring next to me,
And I'm thinking, He's just a creep.

He said, Wife, please just close your eyes,
I'm not really sure how it works,
But it's good and it's sweet and you'll fall right to sleep,
Be sure to take off your clothes....

La, la,la, di,di da,
la, la, di, di dum

Sing me a song, I'm the sleepless girl.
Sing me a song tonight,
I'm in the mood for a few hours rest,
And I want to dream the rest of tonight.

So, I just reread this great parody and realized it sounds kinda dirty,,,not my intention at all....I just can't sleep, just insomnia, and some silliness seemed the thing to do...........I am going back to bed now..i am quite sure I will regret this post when I wake.


Mary Kay said...

When you cannot sleep...SMILE!
I miss you

Anonymous said...

Love It!