Tuesday, January 27, 2009

gray, grey, whatever

The spelling of the word depends mostly on which side of the pond you are from, I guess... Either gray or grey,,, that's the subject of this post. About a year ago, I started to entertain the idea of letting my hair go gray.. Simple reasons, really. The cost of monthly dye jobs,, the time commitment, and curiosity. I wear my hair short,, and I am very short of stature,,,so most people have a good view of the top of my head. Graying roots are so obvious,,,so dying my hair monthly was necessary.

The money wasn't so bad, but as I get older I find other forms of maintenance on my body are also required, and can also cost bucks. I now put the hair color money towards pool membership....Oh, that's another thing, undyed, short hair does not necessitate wearing a swim cap...I hate swim caps!

Curiosity, that's another reason to grow out my gray,,, how much gray hair do I really have? What is my natural color? I have been dying my hair for over twenty years. It been -----------almost blond, red, light, dark and medium brown, streaked, highlighted, tipped, low lighted, and whatever else there is to do..----------

So, I worked with my hairdresser to gradually go to my natural color. It took about 8 months to get here, but I am now officially dye- free! Actually I have been without dye since October, but I am just now deciding how I really feel about it.

Great! , that's how I feel about it. My hair is dark brown with some gray throughout. Some gray means a moderate amount, not salt and pepper gray, but close. I do have a gray streak in my bangs above my right eye, I like that. And it's not just the actual color issue........The thing is, it feels just right for me at this point in my life. Simple, straightforward, over 50 and proud of it. I have earned this gray hair, I'm happy to show it. Aging gracefully, I hope.

The general reaction has been positive, people who haven't seen me during the process usually say they like it, unprompted. My husband is undecided, my children like it, I think. I think most people don't really care what color my hair is.
Now, go back and look at the sampler on the wall behind me. It's a bit of embroidery I created in 1974, and the years have not been kind to it. A long- gone puppy chewed off the edges, but the date is still there.

Kinda ironic that I chose to photograph my now gray hair while standing in front of the work of my youth....... I was 17 in 1974.........


Anonymous said...

My hairdresser calls mine "platinum", and it's pretty much all gray. Never could be bothered to dye it--too much $$, too much hassle, and I always figured everyone would know it was "fake". I think yours looks GREAT! Congratulations! (And using the purple shampoo for "platinum" hair keeps it shiny and the yellow undertones at bay.)

Barb L.

Lotzastitches said...

Me and dd#3 who happened by the computer while I was reading your blog:

We love your new "no dye" hair! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Girl!?!?!?! You are a beautiful goddess! The Universe has provided abundantly!

Anonymous said...

I remember that sampler!! MB

Going Gray Blog said...

You look beautiful!

Gray hair is the new black!