Thursday, January 29, 2009

gone south for the winter

Me, travel? huh. yeah right. My idea of going south for the winter is driving to Iron Ridge. (about 7 miles directly south)
I have not physically traveled anywhere, but for the last two weeks or so my imagination and dreams have been in the south.

I have been reading Gone With the Wind... I saw the movie many years ago, but the book seemed daunting to me, so long and heavy.
My friend Lynda told me I absolutely MUST read the book. Lynda's book recommendations are often spot-on for me, after all she is a librarian. My favorite book genre is historical I downloaded GWTW to my Kindle and jumped head first into the south and the civil war and everything else.

As usual, Lynda was right, this book is a page turner! I know how the story ends, but each page is so wonderfully descriptive, and I just got sucked in,,, Whoosh!


Yesterday I received my copy of anothe book that I had perused at my local book store, and decided NOT to purchase. The images and designs in the book were so inspirational and haunting.........I had to go back to get it.... of course, all copies had been sold. So,,, I have been looking for it at all the bricks and mortar bookstores around the area........(remember, I don't travel far) and not one had a copy. I ordered it online,,, and it arrived yesterday.

Alabama Stitch Book: Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style

Whoosh, back to the south! This book does not disappoint, here is a quote from Amazon

“Haute homespun out of the Deep South.” That’s how Vogue magazine has described the fashion of Natalie Chanin. Alabama Stitch Book brings us a collection of projects and stories from her clothing and lifestyle company, Alabama Chanin, known for the cutting-edge twist it puts on tried-and-true sewing, quilting, and embroidery techniques, applied mostly by hand to recycled cotton jersey.

Already, I love this book, I work mostly with wool, but Alabama Stitch Book focuses on recycled cotton jersey (T-shirts), the whole cotton thing in the south and all........

I have boxes of cut up wool sweaters, I must not start collecting t-shirts, too... I must not.... I must not.... Oh well, I will think about that tomorrow...........What time does Bargains Galore open today?


Lynda said...

I am amazed that Bargains Galore has a website! How frugal is that???

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that several years ago, you would have travelled "south" to Milwaukee Art Museum to savour the astonishing Quilts of Gees Bend. Didja? Huh? I own the book, and would be happy to bring it to knittin' weekend if you would like to peruse. The Universe continues to provide. Hugs

Anonymous said...

If u want to go south, u can. U now have a daughter who lives as far south as u can travel. Come down and enjoy. Love u,