Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you two-step?

A few weeks back, Delores and Betty and I had made plans to go to a concert in nearby Hartford. In the end I did not attend because of vision issues I was having at the time. I wrote this before the concert/dance...................

The artist is Micheal Martin Murphy, a cowboy singer, and musician. He is most widely know for his single, Wildfire, popular in the 1970.s.. I own almost all of Murphy's his albums including one titled, Cowboy Christmas.
In anticipation of the concert and the upcoming holiday, I dug it out and played this morning.... One particular song inspired this post. That song is called "Two-Step Round the Christmas Tree". Also included are "Cowboy Polka" and "The Santa Claus Schottishe". I encourage you to click on the links, these are tunes guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood, or the cowboy mood, maybe both! I guess maybe I am hoping for a singing cowboy under the tree?

These songs never fail to make me smile, remembering lots of happy times that include dancing... I grew up with a predominately German heritage, lots of polka and the like kind of music. I love dancing,,,,but mostly watching.
I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm,,, My sister is a different story, she can really dance.. One of my earliest memories is of MB dancing for admiring relatives. Even as a toddler, she really had it. (I had other talents, I guess)

MB got it from our mother Merc, I loved watching her dance, she was both graceful and lively in her dancing. I was so proud of her.... the years and arthritis now have her watching others dance.

We would dance in the family room at the farm,,, with the WTKM playing polkas, two-steps and schottiches,,, Merc and MB could tell you the difference, but it was all the same to me....all happy music! My Nana would join in , even in her late 90's, she would enjoy dancing for a song or two.

I suspect I have my fathers genes when it comes to dancing. I love it, but I really stink. My Dad does not dance,,,Some of the other men in the family are dancers, though. My sister's husband is a great dancer, he is Japanese, but he can polka like a true Wisconsinite. And my Dave is a good dancer, he grew up going to lots of wedding dances. His sister's husband was the leader of his own polka band, very popular locally, The Harold Steinbach Band. Dave has tried to teach me, at our wedding we did polka, I felt like I was flying, he spun me so fast. What a great time.

My daughter Lauren and her daughter Emili can dance, too.... Their favorites are Mexican tunes,,,, but a lot of them sound like polkas to me! Have a listen to this.


Lynda said...

I love Micheal Martin Murphy for the old cowboy songs but for Christmas I stick with the classical stuff-Handel, Correli or Bing Crosby and Gene Autry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face!! MB