Monday, December 17, 2007


Yesterday,Dave and I spent a few hours decorating my parent's Christmas tree. Dave did the lights. The big old-fashioned kind that must be clipped on. I unwrapped ornaments and hung them on their huge, freshly cut, tree. My Mom remembers a lot of the ornaments from her own childhood... I found lots of ornaments that I have made for their tree over the years. Some are really nice and some are just plain ugly. But they go on the tree every year.

I have made millions holiday decorations in my life,,, but I personally own very few. I have given most of them away,, and my basement flooded some years back, destroying a lot of my earlier efforts. I looked around my house today and snapped a few shots....

The teddy bear is crocheted, and wears a felt vest.

A crocheted, starched snowflake

A stocking patched together in 1982. I have made many stockings,,, most were lost in the flood. My son Clay has the 1984 model at his house,he was born that year, and it also has his (and my former) last name embroidered on it.

The "Polster" stocking was done in 1998.

Each of my children has a little stuffed "hand" embroidered with the individuals name and the year of their birthday. I traced their actual hand at Christmas time that year, and sewed the ornaments according to the traced pattern. The fact that the third child's hand is machine sewn and embroidered shows how much more time it takes to manage three kids...... My granddaughter's is hand embroidered,,,, I have more time again, now. These ornaments are not in my house, they are on the trees of those grown-up hands. I do have a "hand" ornament on my tree, though......Ghen's handprint in paint from 1993, when he was just four years old. His Mom shipped it to me when Ghen came to live with us, she thought it should be on the tree where he is.

I made the camel ornament before any of the kids we born, is he a Bactrian camel? I don't know, and I don't know what possessed me to make a camel, but there he is!

Speaking of oddities, one of my most prized holiday decorations is a "TREE" made from a pine cone , smushed into a pile of putty. It was made by my six year old husband in 1955!! It looks more like a dog turd than a tree, but I love it, and him. If you look close you can see his initials scribed into the putty base.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature has provide plenty of holiday decor this year in the form of snow. Lovely to look at, I don't have to shovel it, I have the liberty of enjoying the white stuff. Here is Dave doing what he say is:"preventing ice dams."

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