Sunday, December 23, 2007

Laid back holiday

It started in October. My grown children made the suggestion that we not exchange gifts this year. Instead, we will spend a weekend together at an indoor water park in late January.

Without the pressure to shop for gifts, we had the freedom to prepare for the holidays in whatever fashion we wanted to. So we did just that,,,, what we WANTED to and not we thought we must do. Of course, the expectations of the season are what we put upon ourselves,,,,and we decided to set the bar lower this year. SO...................

I sent out store bought Christmas greetings!

We put up the trees, but never got around adding the tree skirts.

I did NO baking.

I made only a few small gifts, and only what I was sure that I would enjoy doing.

Very simple outdoor decorations.

All this scaling back .......and guess what? We have the luxury to enjoy just what is happening in the moment! It's proving to be great fun, and we still have treats and surprises, the season feels just as special, really even more special.

One of my good friends recommended a good book last summer,,, and the main idea that I took from the book is "the universe will provide" if we just be open to it.

My friend Mary Kay gifted our household with some fresh from Florida citrus fruit, a lovely treat. And very sweet, as Mary Kay is.
Another friend dropped by with freshly baked butterhorns.

Our heirloom Christmas cactus is blooming again, it's over 60 years old.

A gift from Mother Nature, we had a cold wind, ice and snow today, and we all stayed at home and did only what we wished to.

Maybe Christmas day will bring the drama and tension back,,, but I don't think I will open the door to it.....This feels much better. Christmas Peas.

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