Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer flying by

Summer is flying past, soon the snow will deep all around and the memories of summer days will have to warm us. We spent the day today in Wisconsin Dells and despite a drizzling rain we had a good time.

Shopping for trinkets was high on Emili's list of things to do.

Bouncing on the bed in the hotel room was a priority, too

We have had lots of family gatherings lately. Anniversaries, birthdays and just hanging out/

Oh, and some family members have been put to work when they drop by.
Clay and his friends did a great job removing the roof. It just happened to be the only truly hot day of this unusually cold season.
Signs of fall are all around. The corn is tall, kids are planning to go back to school and I have been spotting flocks of blackbirds... I intend to enjoy every day that is left of summer.
Oh, but I do love Autumn......

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