Friday, September 26, 2008

Random stuff

Just checking in, I have been incredibly busy, both with home and shop.

Cooking. Normally , I don't do much of it. This summer has been different, I have actually made quite a few meals. The CSA membership has made the difference. Today I made stew...and it's almost 80 degrees outside!
The vegetables in the crock pot look pretty. That shiny purple thing is a potato! Onions, carrots, Brussels sprouts tops, garlic, beef, celery (lots) and a few tomatoes.
Here is the purple potato after cooking.

This week our CSA box had arugula.... I've never had it before, anyone have recipe suggestions?

A man followed me home from the shop last night. Actually, he followed me ON MY WAY home...........not TO my home. If he wasn't so darned handsome, (and related to me) I might have called the cops!Luckily I got a photo. Watch out for this guy.

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