Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yesterday was another crazy, busy day for me....it was also just a little taste of spring.... temps in the high 40's and SUNNY! Many mundane tasks were accomplished,,, and I did a few fun things, too.
Many months ago, I purchased a sewing pattern for a top....this top has a lot of pieced sections, suitable for embellishment...I have been gathering castoff clothing to cut apart and use for this pattern... Yesterday I overdyed them all in the same dyebath,,the upper left corner of the photo shows them before dying, and the right corner is after dyeing. (The picture in the middle is a closeup of our creek) Emili snapped that shot.
I also "surveyed the kingdom"....every growing thing is LATE this year, but I suspect the warm temps predicted for the rest of this week will help.
A spider was sunbathing on the back garage door.
And a 7 year old with a stick was splashing about in the creek.

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