Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of order

These photos are all out of order, I have limited Internet access, no time to put them in chronological order.
Dave and me at Bubba Gumps
Mary and her margarita and her mother in law
Dave ordered "a bucket of boat trash"
Wild hog hide on roadside guardrail , it smelled BAD!

One of the many lovely vistas
Good looking men, and one old bag
Liam waits for dinner
Sunset at Lahaina Harbor

Nanna and Liam with boogie boards
My unpedicured foot in the sand
Dave rides the waves
The Takahashi family


Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the pictures. Looks like you are having a wonder time, which it great because you sure needed a break. Wish I was there with you. You and Mary look alot alike. I can almost taste those Margaritas. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Your photos are a breath of the tropics here on another cold day in Wisconsin. The woodchucks burrowing are a sure sign of spring despite the temperature. Catch some extra rays and a margarita for me and bring them back in your carry on